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Empowering people to live healthier, happier lives and achieve their potential

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Empowering people to live healthier, happier lives and achieve their potential

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QHP offers individualised, community-focused programming and E-books to help you pursue your potential.

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The QHP coaching team is made up of elite-level CrossFit athletes and coaches, who’re passionate about their clients exercising in a safe, well-informed and sustainable way.

Community Testimonials

QHP is trusted by a community of like-minded athletes worldwide.

I’ve been with Elliot since 2018 and I’ve never looked back. He turned me into a competitive athlete and is transforming my weaknesses into strengths. He cares as a coach and definitely knows what he is doing when it comes to programming, the goal is to beat him and we’re getting there.

Rashid Al Buflasa

Individual Client

The QHP Individualised programming has improved me as an athlete in so many different capacities. Each program is geared for me, allowing me to work on my own weaknesses. It has increased my cardio endurance, bolstered my gymnastics, given me confidence in my Olympic lifts, and really allowed me to attack workouts that seemed daunting to me. The coaches are top-notch, approachable, and super knowledgeable. They will sit with you one-on-one and discuss your goals and really explain the reasoning behind the programming and if you ever need help or have questions are accessible. This program will push you and not only make you a better athlete physically but also mentally! I’m really happy that I signed up with QHP Programming and look forward to what’s to come!

James Gibbs

Individual Client

Individualized programming with Antony was recommended to me back in 2017 to help me follow a structured programme to address my weaknesses in Crossfit and increase my overall fitness. After my distal bicep tear in August 2019, Antony provided a modified programme with movements I could do coupled with post-op rehab exercises that helped me strengthen and slowly increase my mobility back to 100%. It was during this period I rekindled my passion for running and endurance activity. Antony used a variation of training principles that supported and prepared me for endurance feats that I have always felt were maybe too ambitious for me. QHP provides a truly goal driven personalised programme with weekly offline feedback and regular check-ins to assess progress and any adjustments that need to be made

Siraj Patel

Individual Client

By trusting Elliot’s extensive knowledge and process, QHP has kept me engaged, motivated and I am finally getting stronger and fitter. I cannot recommend quintessential programming enough. Elliot has done a great job of assessing my weaknesses and developing a dynamic personalized programme to which I am seeing tremendous results.

Michelle Levy

Individual Client

Empowering people to live healthier, happier lives and achieve their potential


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