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Jamie Simmonds - 17/04/2023

4 Easy Daily Mobility Exercises

Jamies go to mobility exercises to add to your day

4 Easy Daily Mobility Exercises

Why is mobility so important? During our everyday life we put a high
demand on our joints such as; walking, climbing stairs, sitting
down, picking things up and this is before we go to the gym! Therefore having a decent mobility of our joints is crucial to ensure we avoid injury and can continue living our day to day lives.

Everybody is different in terms of their mobility needs but in todays society of more sitting and less movement, most people could benefit from a little mobility TLC from time to time.

No matter what your day consists of, whether you sit at a desk all day, enjoy long runs, do a Crossfit class daily or you have a long commute, adding in a short daily mobility routine will not only work wonders on your body but also your mind.

These are movements that can either wake your body up in the morning or help you to wind down in the evening. Try adding these in 3-4 times a week for a more limber and comfortable body.

1. Cat Cow

Start on all fours- hands directly under shoulders knees directly under hips.

On an inhale engage your core to pull your middle and upper back towards the ceiling, try to suck your belly button in towards your back, curl hips under and chin in towards your body (you should feel a stretch across the top of your back) hold for 1-3s. On the exhale relax your core arch your back, push bellybutton towards the floor, turn hips and chin up towards the ceiling and hold for 1-3s. Move back and forth between cat-cow for 60s.

2. Downward Dog

Start on all fours- tuck toes under, straighten legs out, lift your hips into the air push back and length your spine. Keep a slight bend in your legs if your hamstrings are tight, you want your weight pushed back into your legs. Hold for 60-120s, bend and straighten legs as needed, focus on turning tailbone up towards the ceiling and keep fingers spread and pushed into the floor.

3. Scorpion

Start lying face down hands perpendicular to body palms down, then lift
left leg up and over towards right hand, letting left hip and shoulder roll off floor to create a twist through spine and torso. Hold for 3-5s return to middle then repeat on the right side. This is a more dynamic stretch, keep moving for 60-90s at steady pace increasing range throughout reps.

4. Hip 90 to 90

Start sitting tall, legs hip width apart with a slight bend in
your knees. Drop both knees down to the left to the floor stay sitting tall, transition straight back to the middle then drop both knees down to the right to the floor. Focus on smooth transitions, upright torso and full movement of legs and hips. Switch between left and right for 60s.

These movements shouldn't take longer than 8-10 minutes and are said to help
power up your brain, improve focus, coordination and mental stability. Some
may also relieve muscle aches & pains and help with stress to calm you down.
Perfect to start or finish the day with!

Keep Limber,


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