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Elliot Simmonds - 29/01/2022

New Year - New Habits

For those of wanting to build sustainable habits that lead to actual results, here are 5 simple steps to get you started for the year of 2022.

New Year - New Habits

1. Physical activity is key to a healthier body. A 10 minute walk after meals is said to lower blood glucose levels and aid in digestion, not only that but daily movement can help reduce anxiety & depression. This alongside a dose of Vitamin D from the sun will go a long way. So get moving!

2. Staying hydrated throughout the day is key to keeping your bodily functions running correctly. Water is crucial for removing toxins, keeping your brain alert, relieving fatigue and improving skin health and circulation.

3. Eating real food will not only save your bank account, but will lead to more consistent energy levels, better weight regulation, decreased gut issues and an increase in micronutrients consumed.

4. Heck yes to consuming Alcohol moderately, however overdoing alcohol not only leads to over consuming calories, but also decreases recovery, disrupts sleep and is a depressant which means it can have a negative impact on your mental health, affecting your thoughts, feelings and actions in every day life.

5. Steer clear of juice only diets and crazy calorie cuts, you’re not going to live the rest of your life like this. We’re looking to build sustainable habits, so start small and make little food changes where you can.

We’re not here with any fancy pills, but we will be by your side while you do the boring stuff that actually matters.

Try sticking to this for all of Jan, then take 2022 one month at a time.

The more often you do it, the simpler it becomes!

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