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Jamie Simmonds - 29/01/2022

Pre training fuel

After a good few weeks of solid training in the new year - let’s address our pre training fuel!

Pre training fuel

A key factor to how we feel, perform and recover from training comes down to what we eat before we hit the gym. If we fuel our bodies correctly you will:

  • Have consistent energy throughout your session
  • Support muscle growth & recovery
  • Create sustainable & simple nutrition habits
  • Be more alert, which may even help prevent injuries.

Here are the two key windows to consider:

2-3 hours before: ⛽️

High carbohydrates and moderate protein. The carbs are your energy source and the protein is to help decrease muscle protein breakdown, which will aid your recovery.

This is plenty of time before training so should be a full meal. For example white rice and chicken with little to no fats or even something simple like oats, berries & protein powder is perfect.

30-60 minutes before: 🔋

Fast acting carbs that top up your muscle glycogen stores - basically giving you more readily available energy!

Something that sits comfortably in your stomach, digests easily and leaves you feeling ready for the session ahead.

This should be low to no fats.

Easy options include dried fruit & crackers, rice cakes with jam, liquid carbs or a handful of candy (every so often 😉)

Caffeine. ☕️

This is completely individual as we all process and react to caffeine differently. The recommended amount pre training is 2-5mg per kg of body weight, so play around with what works for you.

This may give you an extra boost of energy, increased strength & endurance performance due to feeling less fatigued. Common caffeine sources include coffee, pre workouts or caffeine gums and tablets. *Be cautious if you’re an evening trainer - see our sleep post!

Just remember how we eat is very individual and what works for you may not work for someone else. Therefore spend a bit of time trying different foods for certain sessions and keep track of how you’re feeling and performing.

A little consistency will go a long way.

Happy fueling 😄✌️

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