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Elliot Simmonds - 15/02/2022

Warm Ups

Why, what and how to warm up.

Warm Ups

We can all be guilty of rushing into our workouts, maybe because we are running late, being a little lazy or don’t actually know what to do.

The reality is most of us would benefit from spending a little more time on our warm ups, instead of trying to squeeze in that extra section at the end of our session.

1. Why warm up?

We are basically preparing the body for the work it is about to do. Awakening our systems by raising our body temperature and increasing blood flow to our muscles.

This preparation is going to lower our risk of injury by improving the range of motion that our joints can go through and activate the muscles needed to prepare movement.

2. What should you do?

At the start of each session you should do a general warm up that includes a pulse raiser, dynamic stretches and activation of all muscle groups needed for your session.

This should be relatively short, sharp and leave you feeling ready to go!

Before each section make sure you feel comfortable with the movement you are about to perform. For example you wouldn’t crank straight in to your muscle ups or 80% of your max deadlift. Break skills down and build the weights gradually.

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