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Antony Monks

Antony is from Warrington, England and started his health and fitness journey as a personal trainer in 2010. During this time he found Crossfit and fell in love with the sport of fitness, leading him to open CrossFit Faction in 2011.

Antony Monks

In 2014 Antony moved to the UAE to become a Coach at Vogue Fitness / Crossfit Yas. In the 7 years he was in the Middle East Antony co-programmed all of the classes on offer at Vogue as well as building a collection of individual clients, writing programs tailored to their needs and goals.

Antony now lives back in the UK, where he hopes to help a wider range of people as part of the team at Quintessential Health and Performance.

One of Antony's coaching goals is to assist an athlete reach their full potential at a competitive level.


Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education from University of Edge Hill
Level 3 PT
CrossFit Level 2

Coaching Experience:

10 Years Affiliate Owner - Crossfit Faction
8 Years of programming experience
7 Years Head Coach at Vogue Fitness / Crossfit Yas, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Athletic Achievements:

5 x Crossfit Regionals Competitor
1 x Crossfit Games Team Competitor - 3rd Place 2016 - Team CrossFit Yas
50-50-50 (self-programmed)
24hour run (self-programmed)
Sub 3 hour marathon

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