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Elliot Simmonds

Elliot is from Kidderminster, England and first became interested in coaching as a teenager at school. As part of an initiative to keep him out of trouble, he was required to assist the physical education teachers with the junior school PE lessons. He chose to study Sports Coaching at University and during his time there, started Crossfit, realised his passion for fitness, and hasn’t looked back since.

Elliot Simmonds

In 2014 Elliot also moved to the UAE to become a Coach at Vogue Fitness / Crossfit Yas and his coaching story mimics that of Antony’s. In the 7 years he was in the Middle East, Elliot co-programmed all of the classes on offer at Vogue as well as building a collection of individual clients.

Elliot now lives in the UK where he hopes to reach his athletic potential as well as fulfilling his desire to help others through QHP. His biggest goal is to educate as many people as possible about the importance of having fun with health and fitness to make it sustainable.


Diploma of Higher Education in Sports Coaching from Cardiff Metropolitan University
Level 3 PT
CrossFit Level 2

Coaching Experience:

7 Years Head Coach at Vogue Fitness / Crossfit Yas
Amir Fahmy 2017 Crossfit Games Teen - 2nd Place (14-15)
Carmen Bosmans 2019 Crossfit Games - 44th Place
6 Years programming experience

Athletic Achievements:

5 x Crossfit Regionals Competitor
2 x Crossfit Games Individual Competitor - 19th Place 2019
1 x Crossfit Games Team Competitor - 3rd Place 2016 - Team CrossFit Yas

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