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Classic +

Classic + builds on the Classic program and aims to take you to the next level! This program is for those who want to compete in the Rx/Elite division at competitions.

Again the program will keep you fit year round and the training blocks will follow the same structure as Classic, however the volume will be higher and you will be completing multiple sessions per day, the longer of the two lasting up to 120 minutes.

There will be no scaling options provided but there will be suggestions on how each section should be approached and the time domains intended. We believe that you should only follow if you can already Rx all movements in a decent volume.

There will be workout notes such as intentions and time references so if you choose to adjust the workout you can base how you do so on these comments.

Compete in Elite/RX level events

2 Sessions per day - 5 days per week (1 of which is "Cardio Day")

1 Full rest day per week

180 Minutes in total daily duration (including warm ups)

Video-based Movement Library

Workout intentions and time references

£55 per month

Classic +

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