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Daily 30

We believe that EVERYONE has 30 minutes in their day to prioritise their health. It's just a case of making it a non negotiable and showing up.

The Daily 30 calls upon our years of experience as personal trainers, group coaches, online programmers and athletes to bring to you a short, sharp and simple training routine to add value to your life.

Use this program as your new routine to feel better about yourself, as a gateway to fitness, or a stepping stone to get you through a busy period.

MINIMUM Recommended Equipment:

  • 1 Weight (Kettlebell or Dumbbell)
  • A Box / Step / Bench that you can jump or step onto

Daily workouts that take no longer than 30 minutes (including warm up)

Movement videos & exercise substitutions to suit your available equipment and ability level

Weekly YBL restorative yoga flows

Access to our coaches

Weekly suggestions that include tasks and activity prompts to help keep you accountable and add to your wellness routine.

Community - Access to our facebook group


Daily 30

Empowering people to live healthier, happier lives and achieve their potential


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