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Follow one of our Community programs with a coach. Receive feedback on your workouts and reviews of your technique. Small changes to the community program will be made, such as specific movement options to match your abilities or schedule changes that prevent you from following along.

Competition coming up? Practice the announced workouts, change the structure for the week of the competition and receive warm ups and workout tactics (upon request)

One thing we have seen a lot of over the years is individuals and companies selling people an “individual program” which is actually just following a generic program but with a coach.

There will always be times where there is crossover between clients, however if you are paying for individual programming that means you should be receiving a program that is written specifically for you whilst also receiving an ample amount of feedback from your coach.

Our “Semi-Bespoke’ option is for those that don’t need to be fully individualised but would benefit from having access to a coach.

Apply via the form on our website or email us at info@q-hp.com with the subject "semi-bespoke".

By application only

Follow community program with a coach

Receive feedback on your workouts and videos

Small changes to bias your weakness or work around limitations

Prepare optimally for an upcoming competition

£110 per month


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